Hey, I'm Rahul. I live in Detroit and work at Slalom. I've written a few things on Medium and such but am going to use this space as my digital home now.

I'm presently thinking about identity, incentives, spaces, localism, pleasure, and a life well-lived.

I try and spend my day studying how the world, and the best-performing companies and people operate. I use what I learn to help companies design better systems, products, and ways of working. (This is an obtuse way of I'm saying that I'm a consultant but also surprisingly effective given that no one actually knows what a consultant does.)

I also write a near bi-weekly newsletter called What's on tap where I share the top three to five things I'm creating, consuming, or exploring...sprinkled with the occasional photo of my cat. You can subscribe here. (P.S. I've been delinquent on this for a while to focus on writing here but intend to pick this back up this month likely at a monthly cadence).

You can also find me on Twitter or Instagram.